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Learning Ruby On Rails For Free!

Here at Ruby Audit, we are all about learning web development apps and programming languages.  We firmly believe that learning coding should be mandatory starting in middle school and even a couple of courses in high school.

With that in mind, one of the largest course providers, Udemy, offers a free coure to learn Ruby On Rails.  This course has received over 919 ratings and has received over 4/5 stars.  Check it out here: Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch!

In case if you are wondering why you should bother with Ruby On Rails, let's be clear: Ruby is a great programming language for any beginner to learn.  It is flexible and one of the most forgiving languages in existance.  Now, Ruby on Rails builds on Ruby and is intended for web development which makes it fun and awesome for beginners as well.  In fact, it's not only easy to learn but you can also do some crazy, cool, "advanced" stuff right off the bat. 

Trust us when we say: you won't regret learning Rails ;)

Coming up: more free and competent learning resources. 

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