Programmers Need Time Off Too!

Talk about trying to find time to relax! I have been working two jobs forever and it leaves me mentally exhausted.  I haven't even hung out with my friends to play the not-so-new Drake game on the Playstation 4.  The only plus is that now I finally have some great tutorials on this site, though I need to reorganize the categories.  I am designing my own set of tutorials though an hour a night is hardly enough time to shoot videos!

I have been thinking of setting up another picnic at the bay.  Nothing I love more than kayaking and I am thinking of biting on a kayak I just saw at Killer Kayaks and I am not 100% sure.  These things can be pricey though, if I can't spend on things I enjoy, then what am I working for.

Back to the site: coming up, I am thinking of hand-writing some of my own tutorials, not just video, but also deeper topics related to programming and the programmer's culture.  But after I spend the day doing almost nothing!  I would like to catch up on some Netflix series and maybe I'll thinking of taking a day or two off, hm?

Here's what I'd like to purchase next, it is called the Oru Bay Kayak and it was also on the Shark Tank, lol: