Why Everyone Should Learn Ruby on Rails & Top Resources

Ruby on Rails, or also known as simply Rails, is a web application framework that is a programming language written in Ruby. Created around 20 years ago, Ruby is listed in the top ten list of a general programming language like Java or the C language. Rails, which is a software library, extends the Ruby programming language. It creates web applications by combining the Ruby programming language with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Many startups prefer the use of Ruby Rails for their ventures due to the benefits it provides. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of using Ruby on Rails and why one should use it.

The Perks Of Learning Ruby on Rails

As discussed above, the functioning and collaboration of Ruby on Rails are pretty simple and clean. There are other deeper and wiser benefits on learning and using Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is a very simple programming language that can be easily and quickly grasped by beginners. Unlike other programming languages, Ruby on Rails does not require complicated coding such as adding certain symbols or colons at the end, which can easily be missed out by beginners.

  • You can easily build your entire web application using Ruby on Rails, including the front end and back end. Other programming languages need help to develop the other end which is easily performed by Ruby on Rails.
  • Ruby on Rails will make an assumption for you on how to take the next step, which will make it really easy for programmers to remember the steps. It customizes things for you and prevents SQL injections by providing security.
  • There are many great websites which are built using Ruby on Rails. Many startups also hire and recommend employees that are familiar with and fluent in Ruby on Rails
  • Development using Ruby on Rails is comparatively faster than other programming languages. It works around 1.5 to 2 times faster for development.
  • Being flexible, the codes can be easily passed on to the successors for future adjustments and adding other functions. Also, the language is quite easy to read and understand too.
  • It does not cost anything and is available for free.


Excellent Resources To Learn Ruby on Rails

There are a lot of online resources that can teach you Ruby on Rails very clearly and easily.


Railscasts is a free web resource to learn Ruby on Rails in a clear and simple manner. There are a number of videos on the website that can be used to learn the programming language step by step. It comes with the source code and the resource is a very important one for the entire rails community. You can find any wanted topic on the website and the video related to it will help you learn it in an efficient manner.

Ruby Koans:

Ruby Koans is a set of lessons used to learn the programming language in a different manner. The resource takes the way of teaching the language through a set of unit tests and not through tutorials. This helps the learner gain more knowledge and confidence. The practice of unit testing is quite valuable in the programming world, and this teaches the importance and strength of using the language in a similar manner.


Ruby Learning owned by a renowned software consultant, Satish Talim, from Pune. There are many lessons provided in a smart and absorbing manner to learn the Ruby programming language. This website will help you learn the various aspects associated with the Ruby language in all topics and subjects along with the codes required to perform the same. Just get through the website and get going to learn the language in the simplest manner.


There are many other paid and unpaid resources too to learn the Ruby on Rails programming language for easy and efficient learning. The above examples are the some of the best resources which are simple and the easiest way to learn the same. Learning Ruby on Rails is an important and mandatory task for any programmer today and doing the same will provide great opportunities and benefits to the user.