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Video 3: Installing Different Ruby Versions!

If you missed part 2, click on the this link: Intro to Ruby Programming!

Ready to keep moving?  Then, let's learn How to Install different Ruby versions with RVM:

Video 2: Introduction to the Ruby Programming Language

Ready to get back into it?  Let's get rollin' with our Ruby programming knowledge.  Here is part 2 of the previous video series:

A Whole Ruby Programming Tutorial Series! YES!

Yes! It is the new year and with the new year, new goals.  New You + New Me = Happy Programmers! Just like we were like on that camping trip.  But, back to reality.  I wouldn't be doing this site a service if I wasn't pushing useful resources here to get you to learn and grow your Ruby skills.

I actually checked out a really good Ruby tutorial with 93 parts. For those of you who are super ambitious, begin here:

Tutorial: Ruby on Rails 4 Shopping Cart Using Spree

You know how when you're shopping online and you add and remove products from your "shopping cart" Yes, that's what you will be learning here: how to create a shopping cart with Ruby On Rails 4 With Spree. This tutorial video we are featuring will take you step-by-step through how this is done.

Tutorial: How To Make A Shopping Cart With Ruby on Rails 4 Using Spree


Want to Learn How to Create a Web App Super Fast?

Yes!  This video tutorial shows you how to create your own web app within 10 minutes.  Within. 10. minutes.  My lunch takes longer than that!  Check it out below!