Is Your Ruby on Rails Application Using Insecure Ruby Gems?

Protect your Ruby on Rails applications to ensure they are using Ruby Gems that have no known security vulnerabilities, even if you don't have a Google sized programming team.

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Are Old Ruby Gems Opening Security Holes In Your Applications?

Do you know if any of the Ruby gems used by your application has a known security hole? Every Ruby and Ruby on Rails application has a number of Gems, some of which are dependencies that you may have forgotten about. Some of these Gems may have security vulnerabilities right now.

Audit Your Application Gems

RubyAudit will tell you if any of the Gems used in your Ruby on Rails or other Ruby application has any of the many known security vulnerabilities that could open your application to attackers.

Every Time You Update Your Applications

Any time you or your development team updates your application, the set of Ruby Gems your application is using can change. RubyAudit tracks these changes and re-audits your application for known vunlnerabilities.

Every New Vulnerability Reported

Do you subscribe to security newsletters to ensure you know when security problems are found in Ruby Gems? Let RubyAudit do that for you and re-audit your applications whenever a new security vulnerability is reported and fixed.

All Your Applications Are Protected

If you only have 1 or 2 applications, keeping track of security issues isn't a large burden. If you have 5, or 10, or 50 Ruby on Rails applications, a manual process quickly becomes something that is rarely done. Do you check all 50 of your applications for every newly reported Gem vulnerability?

Immediate Alerts When Vulnerabilities Are Detected

Whenever RubyAudit detects a security vulnerability in any one of your applications, you will get an alert that will allow you to update you applications and reduce the likelyhood of being attacked. Email, Campfire and HipChat alerts can be configured to make sure you and your programming team can be alerted in the best way that works for them.

A Botnet Has Taken Over My Rails Application, How Do I Clean Up?

A botnet has taken over my Rails Application server and I need to clean it up. Format the hard disks, restore all data from backups, and follow security best practices

Rails Application Insurance: Are You Running The Most Secure Ruby Gems?

Sleep well at night by using RubyAudit as insurance for your Ruby on Rails applications. Get notified to update your applications when gem vulnerabilities are found

How Do I Protect My Rails Application From Future Security Problems

How do I protect my Rails Application? In addition to following the Rails Security Guide you must also keep track of new security vulnerabilities as they are found. RubyAudit can protect your Rails application by alerting you as problems are found