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Programmers Need Time Off Too!

Talk about trying to find time to relax! I have been working two jobs forever and it leaves me mentally exhausted.  I haven't even hung out with my friends to play the not-so-new Drake game on the Playstation 4.  The only plus is that now I finally have some great tutorials on this site, though I need to reorganize the categories.  I am designing my own set of tutorials though an hour a night is hardly enough time to shoot videos!

I have been thinking of setting up another picnic at the bay.  Nothing I love more than kayaking and I am thinking of biting on a kayak I just saw at Killer Kayaks and I am not 100% sure.  These things can be pricey though, if I can't spend on things I enjoy, then what am I working for.

Back to the site: coming up, I am thinking of hand-writing some of my own tutorials, not just video, but also deeper topics related to programming and the programmer's culture.  But after I spend the day doing almost nothing!  I would like to catch up on some Netflix series and maybe I'll thinking of taking a day or two off, hm?

Here's what I'd like to purchase next, it is called the Oru Bay Kayak and it was also on the Shark Tank, lol:

Video 4: Learn How to Install Ruby on Your System

Before you jump into this next video, make sure you've watched the first few:

Intro to the Ruby Programming Language

Installing Different Ruby Versions With RVM

Welcome to today's lesson which is about Installing Ruby On Your System!

Happy learning, everyone :)

Video 3: Installing Different Ruby Versions!

If you missed part 2, click on the this link: Intro to Ruby Programming!

Ready to keep moving?  Then, let's learn How to Install different Ruby versions with RVM:

Video 2: Introduction to the Ruby Programming Language

Ready to get back into it?  Let's get rollin' with our Ruby programming knowledge.  Here is part 2 of the previous video series:

A Whole Ruby Programming Tutorial Series! YES!

Yes! It is the new year and with the new year, new goals.  New You + New Me = Happy Programmers! Just like we were like on that camping trip.  But, back to reality.  I wouldn't be doing this site a service if I wasn't pushing useful resources here to get you to learn and grow your Ruby skills.

I actually checked out a really good Ruby tutorial with 93 parts. For those of you who are super ambitious, begin here:

My Camping Trip With Friends

I am one of the many people who have a demanding computer programming job that basically sees them spending their entire day at the office. This robs me of a social life. I barely see my friends, let alone go on dates or even have a stable girlfriend. Seeing that I am partly responsible for my lonely life, I decided to go on vacation at the end of the year and particularly around the festive season. This year, I will be dedicated to rebuilding my social life and knowing how to strike a healthy balance between that and my work life.

On December 23rd, my official leave began. It felt so good sleeping in and actually not being in a hurry to get somewhere. I spent my afternoon calling up friends and basically setting dates for catching up. I feel clueless on what's up with the world and my friends. With the excitement of my freedom, we all agreed that we should take a 4-day trip. That would allow us ample time to catch up, relax and have fun. My friend Ron was telling me he purchased  the best inflatable kayak he's ever had and he really wanted to use it again.

Two days later, we all got ready for the long awaited camping trip. We had planned for quite a lot in terms of activities. There was absolutely no way I was going to let that opportunity go to waste. In life, you sometimes have to give in order to gain. In this case, I offered to foot a big chunk of the expenses since my friends were actually doing me a favor by playing along with my plans. On this day, we drove to the camping site, set up tents, built a fire, shared lots of stories and called it a night.

The next day I was so excited as we had everything set up for kayaking. I had bought an inflatable kayak the week before, based on my conversation with Ron. The thought of being surrounded by water, paddling and basically having a fun moment with my friends is more than I could have ever asked for. There was literally nowhere else I wanted to be than right there, on the water with my friends. We rested in between, had lunch and then got back in there for even more kayaking. To date, this was one of the best days of my life. It had perfection written all over it.

On our last day of camping, there was no better way to wrap up the immense fun and bonding we'd had than to go fishing. Thanks to Brad, the perfectionist, we'd packed everything we needed in advance. In the wee hours of the morning, we dressed for the occasion, got our fishing gear out and headed out to the pond. We were clearly struggling to be quiet because we are really a loud bunch. Our sacrifice finally paid off with two medium sized fish that we had for lunch later on.

We headed home later on that evening and I had never felt so accomplished. My vacation was going better than I had imagined and I cannot wait to have more of them in the future. We are going bungee jumping next weekend and then I have to prepare to go back to work.

Is Ruby On Rails Still Relevant?

This video will tell you if Ruby on Rails is still relevant and if you should even bother to learn it. Some things go out of style and some things don't, and it's always good to know which ones are outdated so you can learn new things. But not so fast in THIS case!

Tutorial: Ruby on Rails 4 Shopping Cart Using Spree

You know how when you're shopping online and you add and remove products from your "shopping cart" Yes, that's what you will be learning here: how to create a shopping cart with Ruby On Rails 4 With Spree. This tutorial video we are featuring will take you step-by-step through how this is done.

Tutorial: How To Make A Shopping Cart With Ruby on Rails 4 Using Spree


Want to Learn How to Create a Web App Super Fast?

Yes!  This video tutorial shows you how to create your own web app within 10 minutes.  Within. 10. minutes.  My lunch takes longer than that!  Check it out below!


Lesson: What Is Ruby-on-Rails?

Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch - Chapter 1 - What is Ruby on Rails?!

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Why Everyone Should Learn Ruby on Rails & Top Resources

Ruby on Rails, or also known as simply Rails, is a web application framework that is a programming language written in Ruby. Created around 20 years ago, Ruby is listed in the top ten list of a general programming language like Java or the C language. Rails, which is a software library, extends the Ruby programming language. It creates web applications by combining the Ruby programming language with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Many startups prefer the use of Ruby Rails for their ventures due to the benefits it provides. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of using Ruby on Rails and why one should use it.

The Perks Of Learning Ruby on Rails

As discussed above, the functioning and collaboration of Ruby on Rails are pretty simple and clean. There are other deeper and wiser benefits on learning and using Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is a very simple programming language that can be easily and quickly grasped by beginners. Unlike other programming languages, Ruby on Rails does not require complicated coding such as adding certain symbols or colons at the end, which can easily be missed out by beginners.

  • You can easily build your entire web application using Ruby on Rails, including the front end and back end. Other programming languages need help to develop the other end which is easily performed by Ruby on Rails.
  • Ruby on Rails will make an assumption for you on how to take the next step, which will make it really easy for programmers to remember the steps. It customizes things for you and prevents SQL injections by providing security.
  • There are many great websites which are built using Ruby on Rails. Many startups also hire and recommend employees that are familiar with and fluent in Ruby on Rails
  • Development using Ruby on Rails is comparatively faster than other programming languages. It works around 1.5 to 2 times faster for development.
  • Being flexible, the codes can be easily passed on to the successors for future adjustments and adding other functions. Also, the language is quite easy to read and understand too.
  • It does not cost anything and is available for free.


Excellent Resources To Learn Ruby on Rails

There are a lot of online resources that can teach you Ruby on Rails very clearly and easily.


Railscasts is a free web resource to learn Ruby on Rails in a clear and simple manner. There are a number of videos on the website that can be used to learn the programming language step by step. It comes with the source code and the resource is a very important one for the entire rails community. You can find any wanted topic on the website and the video related to it will help you learn it in an efficient manner.

Ruby Koans:

Ruby Koans is a set of lessons used to learn the programming language in a different manner. The resource takes the way of teaching the language through a set of unit tests and not through tutorials. This helps the learner gain more knowledge and confidence. The practice of unit testing is quite valuable in the programming world, and this teaches the importance and strength of using the language in a similar manner.


Ruby Learning owned by a renowned software consultant, Satish Talim, from Pune. There are many lessons provided in a smart and absorbing manner to learn the Ruby programming language. This website will help you learn the various aspects associated with the Ruby language in all topics and subjects along with the codes required to perform the same. Just get through the website and get going to learn the language in the simplest manner.


There are many other paid and unpaid resources too to learn the Ruby on Rails programming language for easy and efficient learning. The above examples are the some of the best resources which are simple and the easiest way to learn the same. Learning Ruby on Rails is an important and mandatory task for any programmer today and doing the same will provide great opportunities and benefits to the user.


Learning Ruby On Rails For Free!

Here at Ruby Audit, we are all about learning web development apps and programming languages.  We firmly believe that learning coding should be mandatory starting in middle school and even a couple of courses in high school.

With that in mind, one of the largest course providers, Udemy, offers a free coure to learn Ruby On Rails.  This course has received over 919 ratings and has received over 4/5 stars.  Check it out here: Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch!

In case if you are wondering why you should bother with Ruby On Rails, let's be clear: Ruby is a great programming language for any beginner to learn.  It is flexible and one of the most forgiving languages in existance.  Now, Ruby on Rails builds on Ruby and is intended for web development which makes it fun and awesome for beginners as well.  In fact, it's not only easy to learn but you can also do some crazy, cool, "advanced" stuff right off the bat. 

Trust us when we say: you won't regret learning Rails ;)

Coming up: more free and competent learning resources. 

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